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Vilano Studios

Almost Failures

The Movie

Also Starring (Behind the Scenes)...

Written and Produced By

C. Stephen Mitchell


Associate Producer

Ken Pilcher



C. Stephen Mitchell

John McLoughlin

Stas Ivanov

Ken Pilcher


Director of Photography/Camera 1

Stas Ivanov


Chief Editor

Ken Pilcher


Camera Crew

Ken Pilcher

C. Stephen Mitchell

J. Ben Suddeth

John McLoughlin


Still Photography By

Carolyn By Design


Music By

40 Mile High


Soundtrack Produced By

Ron Pease


Costumes By

C. Stephen Mitchell

Cosmetic Services Provided By


Kit Stephenson

Mel Morganstein

Lee-Anne Bautista

Christen Davis



Professionally Pretty

Ant George

Christine George

Victor Gregory

Kelly George

Ken Pilcher

C. Stephen Mitchell

John McLaughlin


And with special thanks to...

Skip Valet

Alexandra Pflaster

Frank & Barbara Browne

Lee & Barbara Pilcher

Dana Boger

Tom Graves

Robert Kotek

Linda Cameron

Carl & Ellen Mitchell

Betty Mitchell

Zach Murray

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