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Vilano Studios

Whoever said, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" took the wrong Ghost Tour.

Come with me into the night and see what Awakens in these tired old streets.


the bricks have a strange feel beneath your feet.  You can feel the footsteps of those who walked before you.  The same adventurous energy is still carried in the salty air that once filled pirate sails as it blows off the water.  Shadows move across the walls that line the streets, and you understand very plainly that you are not alone.  Have the shadows come to life, or is it something else that’s near you?  Is that the wind blowing, or is it the breath of hundreds of years of history that’s crawling down these old brick pathways?  As your senses become acquainted with centuries of knowledge and energy you were never aware of before, you suddenly realize that it’s not the shadows that have moved with life, but the streets beneath your feet.  you cease to have the ability to resist their urging as you move, one foot in front of the other, and listen to their story.

Designed by C. Stephen Mitchell

Hosted by Vilano Studios


© 2014 - 2015 C. Stephen Mitchell

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