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Zaza Flamenca

Zaza Flamenca

Dr. Johnathan Dotson
Yael Dray
Yael In Zaza
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A native son of St. Augustine, Jonathan Lee Dotson has earned multiple music degrees including his Doctor of Musical Arts in Guitar Performance. In addition to teaching music at the college level, Jonathan has played classical guitar on four continents, writes and arranges music for guitar, and is skilled at music production and recording.


After spending years in Texas, Jonathan has moved back to St. Augustine and serves as the senior guitar instructor at the Jacksonville School of the Arts. A collaborator by nature, Jonathan formed strong connections in Texas and is now the co-founder for Ancient City Performing Arts here in St. Augustine.

Yael in ZaZa” former “Yael & Gabriel” is a French / Israeli singer, musician, actress and composer.

Yael was the opening Act of the Latin Grammy Winner Leo Dan. She performs in the biggest venues across United States, including Microsoft in Los Angeles, B.B.King in New York, Howard Theatre in Washington D.C, and Coliseum Theatre in Austin.

She also graduated as a Master of Jazz Music at the Queens College in 2014. Yael in Zaza has performed internationally in France, Israel, Russia, Brazil, Argentina.

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